Welcome to our comprehensive guide to playing online lotto in South Africa. Where to buy your SA lottery tickets as well as international lotteries online. Choose an SA online lotto vendor from our list here.

Introduced to South Africa in 2000, the National Lottery is under the auspices of the government and currently operated by ITHUBA Holdings. The lottery is regulated by the National Lottery Commission which determines the rules pertaining to games, players, winnings and the like.

South Africans can also play other types of lotteries, thanks to various reputable online lottery services.

Find out more information about the different lotteries available to South African players and how to access them, on this page. We update the data on a regular basis so that you’re always kept in the loop about upcoming draws, big prizes, and game rules.



Lotto is the most well known kind of betting in South Africa, and all things considered as well. It is offers two week after week draws, with great chances of winning a prize, and big stakes that turn over. Passage into the draw is R5 per board, and you have to pick six distinct numbers somewhere in the range of 1 and 52. Draws are directed on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

To play Lotto and other lottery-type games in South Africa, players should be 18 years of age or more established. Tickets can be purchased at endorsed retailers, handheld accomplices or taking an interest banks in South Africa. To buy Lotto tickets on the web, you should be enrolled on the National Lottery site or chose SA banks.


Other than purchasing their lottery tickets at a huge number of retailers around the nation, South Africans additionally have the chance to buy their tickets on the web. This is a sheltered, secure and profoundly helpful method of playing the lottery. Pick your numbers or utilize the Quick Pick choice that will create an irregular choice of numbers.

Register through the National Lottery site and open a record to purchase your tickets on the web. On the off chance that you haven’t enrolled on the site, you can likewise purchase tickets on the web in the event that you have a record at ABSA, FNB, Nedbank or Standard Bank.

In case you’re the fortunate champ of a prize up to a specific sum, it will be credited to your National Lottery record and you can pull back it right away. In the event that your prize is a high one, you should experience an approval procedure before you can guarantee your big stake.


Ithuba, the National Lottery operator, offers a great range of games for South Africans to enjoy. Some of them have daily draws, while others are weekly. Some of them require a selection of random numbers, while others are geared towards sports fans who can bet on their favorite teams. Here’s a list of some of the most popular local lottery games available to South African players.


  • Pick five numbers (or use the Quick Pick option) from a grid of 1 – 36 numbers
  • The cost of a single board is R3
  • You can play as many boards as you want per draw
  • You cannot bet more than R150 per betslip
  • The Daily Lotto draw takes place every night of the year except Christmas Day
  • Each draw presents five winning numbers
  • Prizes are awarded according to how many correct numbers you have matched from the drawn numbers, with the highest being a Division 1 prize for matching all five numbers.
  • When the top jackpot is not won, it is rolled down to the next level.
  • For more information about Daily Lotto, read our about this game.


  • Pick six numbers (or use the Quick Pick option) from a grid of 1 – 52 numbers
  • The cost of a single LOTTO play costs R5.
  • A single play of LOTTO PLUS 1 costs R2.50
  • A single play of LOTTO PLUS 2 costs R2.50
  • To play LOTTO PLUS 1 and/or LOTTO PLUS 2, mark this option on your betslip
  • To play LOTTO PLUS 2, you need to also play LOTTO and LOTTO PLUS 1
  • You can pick the Multi-Draw option to play the same number over multiple draws.
  • Draws take place twice a week and are streamed live on Wednesday and Saturday nights from 20:56 on SABC 2.
  • For more information about Lotto, Lotto Plus 1 and Lotto Plus 2, read our


  • Pick six numbers (or use the Quick Pick option): Five from a grid of 1 – 45 and an extra number from a grid of 1 – 20.
  • A single play of Powerball costs R5
  • You can also choose the additional Powerball Plus for R2.50
  • Powerball Plus is played in the same way as Powerball, except that it offers you a second chance to win a prize. The odds are the same, although Powerball Plus prizes are slightly smaller.
  • Draws take place every week, twice-weekly, on Tuesdays and Fridays at 9 pm.
  • Play as many boards as you wish
  • For more information about Powerball and Powerball Plus, read our review of this lottery.


  • Test your knowledge of football by predicting the outcome of fixtures from South African leagues and international competitions.
  • An exciting, interactive game that allows you to follow eight matches from around the globe.
  • Make 16 predictions on one betslip, relating to eight matches.
  • The minimum cost of a board is R2.
  • You can play multiple boards and bet up to R2,000 at a time.
  • A new fixtures list is announced every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday. Matches end on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays. Results are announced on respective Wednesdays, Saturdays and Mondays.
  • 50% of the net sales of the tickets are contributed to the prize pool.
  • Prize money can be rolled over, depending on number of winners in the divisions.
  • Read more information about Sportstake 8 on our review.


  • Predict the outcome of 12 predefined football matches from South African and global fixtures.
  • The minimum bet per board is R2.
  • The maximum prize of a wager is R2,000.
  • You can also play Sportstake 13 using the ProPick function which helps you select 13 outcomes.
  • Buy tickets at lottery retailers or online on Mondays to Fridays between 6 am and 11 pm. Draws are conducted every Monday and Friday.
  • 50% of the net total sales make up the Sportstake 13 prize pool.
  • Prizes are awarded in 4 divisions.
  • The top jackpot can roll over to the next division or other draws.
  • Read more about Sportstake 13


Name of Lottery Draw Days Draw Times
Daily Lotto Every day (except Christmas) 9 pm
Lotto, Lotto Plus 1, Lotto Plus 2 Every Wednesday & Saturday 9 pm
Powerball & Powerball Plus Every Tuesday & Friday 9 pm
Sportstake 8 Mondays, Wednesdays, Friday/Saturday 9 pm
Sportstake 13 Mondays and Fridays 9 pm


Truly, you can! Other than the wonderful choice of South African Lotto games accessible to nearby players, you can likewise play a decent assortment of worldwide lotteries. This is an incredible chance to take advantage of the triumphant expected that originates from other lucrative games from around the world and win prizes worth actually a great many ZAR!

Some of these choices include:

  • US Powerball
  • UK National Lottery
  • EuroMillions
  • Australian Oz Lotto
  • Australian Powerball
  • Canada Lotto 649

US Powerball
An American lottery game offered by 45 states and different purviews, the US Powerball holds drawings each Wednesday and Saturday evening at 10:59 pm Eastern Time. Play costs $2 per ticket or $3 with the Power Play choice. Pick 5 out of 69 white balls and 1 out of 26 Powerballs. The base ensured big stake is $40 million, with the annuity paid in 30 portions or one singular amount (which is not exactly the portions). The greatest big stake at any point paid was recorded in 2016 when $1.586 billion was part among three ticketholders.

UK National Lottery
The state-diversified lottery is worked by Camelot Group and directed by the UK National Lottery Commission. Prizes are paid as a singular amount and are tax-exempt. Over half of ticket deals income goes towards the prize reserve and 25% goes to ‘great causes’. The most mainstream game, the Lotto, has you pick six numbers somewhere in the range of 1 and 59. Draws occur two times every week on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

A transnational lottery accessible in the UK, France, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal and Switzerland, EuroMillions holds drawings two times every week on Tuesday and Friday evenings. You require seven right numbers to cash in big. All prizes are tax-exempt in many nations and are paid in one singular amount.

Australian Oz Lotto
Oz Lotto is claimed by the Australian Tatts Group. Draws occur once every week on a Tuesday evening at 8.30 AEST. This lottery holds the record for the most noteworthy Australian lottery prize when it paid out almost $112 million out of 2012. You have to select 7 numbers from 45, with a base 3 rewards and one strengthening number expected to win a prize. Oz Lotto ensures a base Division 1 prize of $2 million.

Australian Powerball
Worked by the Tatts Group, this lottery necessitates that you draw seven numbers from a pool of 35, and an extra number from a different pool of 20 balls. Prizes are paid out in one singular amount, and a ticket naturally dominates if players game at least three numbers (two or more the Powerball).

Canada Lotto 649
One of three national lottery games offered in Canada, Lotto 6/49 draws are held each Wednesday and Saturday. Six numbers are drawn from 49 (thus its name). The base bonanza of $5 million is dominated if players game every one of the six numbers. On the off chance that the top prize isn’t hit, it turns over to the following draw. The biggest Canada Lotto prize recorded was $64 million out of 2015.


An online lottery administration offers South Africans the chance to purchase tickets online for the absolute biggest and most respectable abroad lotteries. You can even purchase tickets for the South African National Lottery! Purchase tickets for EuroMillions, Powerball, and Thunderball for all intents and purposes any nation on the planet, because of our accomplice online lottery administrations.

We have marked restrictive sign-up arrangements to these online lottery benefits so that, you as well, have simple access to finish off paying lotteries with eye-stunning big stakes available to anyone.

The Lotter
The Lotter permits you to purchase tickets online to the absolute greatest lotteries on the planet. You get programmed result warnings and without commission prizes when you win. The Lotter is viewed as one of the most regarded online lottery administrations on the planet, and has been a piece of the business since 2002.

Lottery Master
This basic and clear online lottery administration speaks to the absolute most well known lotteries on the planet, including EuroMillions, US Powerball and Mega Millions. The site is viewed as extremely protected and secure, and has a decent client service group.
Completely directed by the UK Gambling Commission, furnishes players with the chance to get their stake in a portion of the world’s greatest big stakes. Play abroad lotteries from your cell phone or PC, and appreciate a quick, simple and valid stage. Rewards are 100% commission free and are moved to your account rapidly and securely.

Giant Lottos
Goliath Lottos is one of the world’s biggest universal lottery ticket buying administrations, giving you access to different abroad lotteries. Its foundation is especially easy to use, and opening a record promptly bears you a liberal invite reward on your first store. Exploit this current site’s mass purchase choice and enter numerous global lottery draws.

otto Send
This multilingual online lottery administration permits you to partake in a portion of the world’s most well known lotteries, including Mega Millions and EuroMillions. Essentially register, pick your preferred lotteries and quantities of your decision and begin playing!


Winning the South African lottery – or any lottery besides – is a fantasy that a significant number of us have. We as a whole have plans for the millions (or thousands, or even hundreds) that we will ideally win in future lottery draws, and this clarifies why the Lotto is the most mainstream betting game in the nation. However, what do you do when you really win the lottery? What steps do you have to take to at last get your hands on your cash?

How Do You Claim Your Winnings?
In case you’re fortunate to win the lottery, the manner by which you will approach guaranteeing your prize relies upon the amount you have really won. Prizes of up to R2,000 can be guaranteed at any lottery retailer. On the off chance that you win somewhere in the range of R2,000 and R50,000, you have to make a beeline for the mail station to guarantee your prize. In case you’re sufficiently blessed to win a prize about R50,000, the case should be made at an Ithuba local office.

Can You Claim South Africa Lotto Prizes Online?
Online prizes are simpler to guarantee in light of the fact that Ithuba will have just educated you about your success. Any prize that is under R50,000 will be moved straightforwardly to your online lottery account. You won’t have to fill in a case structure and no further distinguishing proof is required. On the off chance that your prize is over R50,000 on the web, you should fill in a Prize Claim Form. You at that point need to visit one of the Ithuba local workplaces to gather your rewards face to face. Ithuba first needs to approve your lottery passage.

Do I need to Pay Tax on Lotto Winnings in South Africa?
There is no expense on South Africa lottery prizes. This is on the grounds that rewards are viewed as capital and are excluded from SA Income Tax rules. Assuming, nonetheless, you are an expert card shark and your rewards are your essential wellspring of salary, you might be burdened.

On the off chance that you win a global lottery from South Africa, the laws from the host nation may expect you to pay charges on your rewards. If you don’t mind check the lottery charge laws in every nation.

How Long Does it Take for Lotto to Pay Out in South Africa?
The time that it takes for you to get your hands on your prize once it’s asserted especially relies upon the amount you win.

This helpful table discloses to you where you can guarantee your prize, how it is paid out and how long it by and large takes:

Prize Where to claim Payout Method Payment Time
Up to R50 Any participating lottery retailer cash Instantly
R51 – R5,000 Any participating lottery retailer (at retailer’s discretion) cash Instantly
R2,001 – R49,999 National Lottery Payment Centers at South African post offices By cheque or EFT If by cheque: Up to 10 business daysIf by EFT: Up to 72 hours
R50,000 or more National Lottery Regional Offices EFT Up to 72 hours


Ithuba Holdings was picked by the National Lotteries Commission to go about as the South African National Lottery administrator in 2015. Ithuba signifies ‘a chance’ in Zulu and is the ideal name for an organization that works such huge numbers of incredible rounds of possibility.

Ithuba took over as national administrator from the previous administrator, Gidani after an unpleasant legal dispute, when the South African High Court at last decided that Ithuba is the legitimate proprietor of the National Lottery permit.

Ithuba is authorized to work, direct and advance all South African lottery games.

Some of the Biggest Lottery Wins in South Africa in the Past Year

R232 Million Powerball Win
After the Powerball big stake kept on turning over all through the mid year of 2018/2019, it was at long last won by a solitary ticket-holder from Cape Town, who spent only R22.50, in February 2019. The man in his 50’s, who liked to stay unknown, said that he had no goal of stopping his industrial activity, regardless of the way that he was R232 million more extravagant. The man will spend his cash on encouraging his youngsters’ instruction and different things dear to his qualities.

R114 Million Powerball Win
A 35-year-old specialist, who lived away from her youngsters so as to help them, got her fantasies work out with her R114 million Lotto win on February fourth, 2020. The Soweto lady spent only R5 on her ticket. Her prize will permit her to buy a home for herself and her mom, lastly, make a life for her family under one rooftop.

R79 Million Lotto Win
A lady in Cape Town hit the R79 million prize subsequent to purchasing a solitary Lotto ticket. Her story contacted the country after she pronounced that she would give R2 million of her prize cash to a petroleum specialist who had consistently been thoughtful and well mannered to her. The lady additionally said that she would leave her place of employment and go to college to contemplate brain research.